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Natterjack Toad

Natterjack Toads are amphibians listed as European Protected Species and as such are protected under the Habitats Regulations (1994) (as amended) and the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) (as amended).

Taken together these two pieces of legislation make it illegal to:

  • Capture, injure or kill a natterjack toad
  • Disturb a natterjack toad whilst in a place of shelter or rest
  • Damage or destroy a natterjack toad breeding site or resting place.

Contrary to popular belief amphibians do not spend most of their time in water but in fact spend much of their non-breeding activity within terrestrial habit feeding and sheltering so it is not just their breeding pond that is protected.

No offence is committed if work is done under and in accordance with an appropriate licence.
Greenwillows Associates personnel hold the necessary survey licences to permit disturbance where this is necessary to establish presence or absence of natterjack toads.

Habitats Regulations licences sometimes called European Protected Species Licences (EPSL's) permit work that would otherwise constitute an offence by disturbing natterjack toads and/or damaging their breeding sites and resting places such as clearing vegetation, rubble heaps, wood piles, and other features under which amphibians can shelter or infilling of ponds. Greenwillows Associates have successfully obtained such licences for clients and have the expertise and experience to guide and advise our clients' architects and surveyors on the level of information required from them in order to achieve a favourable outcome.

We also have the expertise to design and implement habitat creation schemes and translocation programmes that are often required under the EPSL system.

Our Checklist of Services which complies with national best practice standards set out by Natural England includes: