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Greenwillows Associates Ltd

Professional Ecological, Arboricultural and Habitat Management Services


Greenwillows Associates is based in Cambridgeshire, and we conduct badger surveys nationally, including Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, the M25 corridor, Essex and London through to Wales, Yorkshire and the North of England. 

Badgers and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act (1992). Local Planning Authorities often require badger surveys and mitigation plans prior to granting planning permission and from time to time badgers can cause damage to property through undermining building foundations and digging up gardens.

Greenwillows Associates has a proven track record in successfully resolving the issues that badgers present to developers, landowners and householders.

Our services range from initial field surveys to identify the presence of badgers and their setts through to impact assessments, preparation and implementation of mitigation proposals, obtaining the necessary licences and undertaking sett closures and where necessary the creation of artificial setts.

Our checklist of services which complies with national best practice standards set out by Natural England includes: