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Greenwillows Associates Ltd

Professional Ecological, Arboricultural and Habitat Management Services

Project Management Advice – From Concept to Completion

From our experience with many clients it is clear that on occasions ecological considerations have not been taken into account sufficiently early enough within the project management process. This is increasingly the case now that planning authorities and their consultees are demanding ecological surveys and the issues arising there from to be dealt with prior to validation rather than retrospectively as conditions.

This can lead to expensive delays in construction start times due to the missing of an ecological survey and/or mitigation window (sometimes up to 12 months). Therefore we strongly advise our clients that ecological consultancy advice should be sought at the outset of a project so that the project design can take account of any protected issues. This is particularly pertinent where buildings are to be converted and bats are present. Greenwillows Associates can assist at all stages within the planning and construction process – from concept to completion. Our staff are experienced in stakeholder liaison and consultation and have an excellent track record in achieving a win-win for all concerned.