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Greenwillows Associates Ltd

Professional Ecological, Arboricultural and Habitat Management Services


Several types of licence are required to deliver the ecological services required by developers. Greenwillows Associates personnel hold all of the necessary licences:

Survey Licences

To survey for many species listed under the Wildlife and Countryside Act a licence issued by Natural England is required these include:


Development Licences/European Protected Species Licences

Once the surveys have been completed, reports written and planning approval obtained a development licence issued by Natural England may be required to permit construction to proceed. Greenwillows Associates have successfully obtained many such licences for clients and have the expertise and experience to guide and advise our clients' architects and surveyors on the level of information required from them in order to achieve a favourable outcome.

Badger Sett Licences

Badgers are protected from disturbance whilst occupying a sett and their setts are protected from being damaged, destroyed or interfered with. Sometimes it is necessary for setts to be disturbed or even destroyed to allow construction to progress. Greenwillows Associates personnel have held many such licences.

Environment Agency Licences

In addition to the Natural England survey licences there are occasions when additional survey and/or translocation licences issued by the Environment Agency are also required. Greenwillows Associates personnel have held such licences and can advise when these are required.