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Invasive Weeds Assessments

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) it is illegal to introduce certain listed alien invasive plants into the wild and/or to cause them to grow in the wild. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Japanese Knotweed is classed as ‘controlled waste' and as such must be disposed of safely at a licensed landfill site according to the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991. Soil containing rhizome material can be regarded as contaminated and, if taken off a site must be disposed of at a suitably licensed landfill site and buried to a depth of at least 5 metres.

Greenwillows Associates offers a comprehensive service for surveying for invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and many others through to offering advice for eradication and practical eradication services.