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Environmental Impact Assessments

For certain types of development Environmental Impact assessments (EIA) is a procedure that must be followed before development consent is granted. The requirement for EIA comes from a European Directive (85/33/EEC as amended by 97/11/EC).

The procedure requires the developer to compile an Environmental Statement (ES) describing the likely significant effects of the development on the environment and proposed mitigation measures.

The ES must be circulated to statutory consultation bodies and made available to the public for comment. Its contents, together with any comments, must be taken into account by the competent authority (e.g. local planning authority) before it may grant consent.

Greenwillows Associates' approach to EIAs is a collaborative one with key stakeholders being involved at the outset to scope the important ecological issues and to agree appropriate mitigation from the outset which not only achieves a win-win for all parties concerned and the conservation interest of the site but also speeds up the process by removing main areas of objection prior to the formal application. We can assist in the preparation of the Environmental Statement from the initial screening stage through to the implementation of on site mitigation and monitoring.